New musicals in Madrid

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New musicals in Madrid

Madrid is the great capital of Spanish-language musicals. The season begins and new shows flood the billboard. Some are absolute premieres that come to coexist with proposals that are already one more attraction of the city itself. Take note!


London, 11th century. Little Rob’s life changes the day he is orphaned and he discovers that he has an unusual gift in his hands: he can predict death. Adopted as an apprentice by a barber surgeon, Rob travels around England discovering life, discipline and curiosity to learn. At the age of 19, a Jewish doctor tells him about distant Persia, where there is a medical school run by the best doctor of the time: Avicenna. Rob sets off on an adventure to fulfill his destiny…

This is the plot of El Médico, Noah Gordon’s successful novel, transformed for the first time into a musical. The story and characters traced by the writer, who has participated in the project from the beginning, come to life in this blockbuster whose world premiere takes place here, in Madrid, at the Teatro Nuevo Apolo.

“The emotion of the novel has managed to transfer to music so that I can hear my book”, commented the author himself, delighted that readers can experience everything that happens to the protagonist in a “new and wonderful” way. The result couldn’t be more spectacular. Twenty live musicians make up the largest orchestra in Spanish musical theatre. A complete experience with 33 actors on stage, Lorenzo Caprile’s wardrobe and magic effects by Jorge Blass. Adrián Salzedo gives life to the central character and Sofia Escobar to Mary Cullen, a Scottish girl who will remind you of her origins. Also pay attention to the Venezuelan tenor Alain Damas, the Shah, with a powerful and privileged voice. Friendship, love, survival… An epic musical.


Madrid is the first European city to premiere Anastasia, a musical that is currently triumphing on Broadway, where it has received great reviews and full daily newspapers since its premiere in 2017. The Coliseum Theatre, in the heart of Gran Vía, hosts this great production with a spectacular stage with a revolving platform and LED screens that allow us to see images of the cities through which the main characters pass and live. On the soundtrack, some of the songs from the famous Twentieth Century Fox animation film on which it is based, such as A Journey to the Past and Once in December.

Anastasia narrates the exciting adventure of the youngest daughter of Russia’s last tsar, Nicholas II, who, according to legend, escaped the Bolshevik revolution and travelled from St. Petersburg to Paris, where she found her true identity and became the master of her destiny. A story that takes us back to the decline of the Russian Empire, but also to the Parisian euphoria of the 1920s. The public can enjoy Russian choral and popular music, classical ballet and jazz hot rhythm, all filtered through a contemporary lens. The show is guaranteed! Jana Gómez and Íñigo Etayo are the main characters, although we must not lose sight of two fantastic secondary characters: Javier Navares and Silvia Luchetti, who give the perfect touch of humour to this precious tale.


From the first note to the last sigh, West Side Story is one of the most famous musicals of universal theatre. The score by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim is unanimously recognized as one of the best in the history of musicals, Arthur Laurens’ text continues to be as moving and contemporary as the first day, and Jerome Robbins’ original choreographies occupy a place of honor in the legend of contemporary dance. The argument is well known: in the purest style of Romeo and Juliet, two young lovers are trapped by the confrontation between two street gangs, the “American” Jets and the “Puerto Rican” Sharks. Their struggle to survive in an atmosphere of hatred, violence and prejudice shapes one of the most exciting and heartbreaking stories ever told.

Coinciding with the centennial of Leonard Bernstein’s birth, the Calderón Theater premieres for the first time in Spain the full original version with which this mythical musical debuted on Broadway in 1957, four years before making the leap to the big screen. The film, starring Natalie Wood, won ten Oscars and is considered the second best musical of all time, after Singing in the Rain. Javier Ariano and Talía del Val form the main couple in this great show that will make the audience vibrate with universal themes such as María or América.


But… there’s still more! In addition to these three great novelties, El Rey León (The Lion King) is still on the bill in Madrid, celebrating its eighth season in 2018 at the Lope de Vega Theatre with more than four million spectators, Billy Elliot, who is already in the running.