Electronic Piano

Nowadays there are many options when buying a piano, either in physical stores or in second-hand portals. For many this may be great news, but for others it can be a headache not knowing where to start. From brands to designs, if you don’t have a clear reference to what you’re looking for, it can be very difficult to choose a particular electronic piano. However, in order to do so, it is only necessary to be clear about a few aspects when buying it.

First of all, what we have to do is define what type of piano we want: a classic piano or an electric piano? Although both have the purpose of turning the movement of our fingers into music when we press the keys, the truth is that both are completely different in all aspects.

However, if we are beginners in the field, it is always recommended to start with an electronic piano, not only is it much cheaper, but it will be much easier for us to learn the notes and we can play the first scores with an electronic one rather than with a classical piano. Although choosing between one or the other should not depend exclusively on the experience you have playing the piano, the truth is that it is common for people with a much more advanced level to prefer a classical piano, because there is no doubt that the sound they emit is simply irreplaceable.

Another aspect that must be taken into account is the brand. The more well-known and prestigious a brand is, the more expensive it will be, although it is clear that, when choosing a brand, we must take into account our pocket and, in any case, try to find the one that offers us the best value for money. In any case, we must be very clear that musical instruments are not exactly cheap objects, so if we choose to acquire an extremely economic one, we risk that the sound that it emits is not appropriate or does not have a great resistance. Therefore, it will always be better to save some money and thus be able to invest a larger amount, but that may be profitable in the long term.

Last but not least, the instrument you buy should be tested before closing the purchase. In this case, it would be irresponsible to buy a piano (both electronic and classic) without having played the keys on it for a reasonable amount of time and checking how it sounds.

There is no company that has not ever suffered a factory failure, so we must make sure that this failure is not reflected in the product we buy. To avoid this, all you have to do is test the product. So, if where you buy the keyboard is not allowed to test it, or do not give us a reasonable warranty time, we must immediately doubt the quality of the piano.

Who invented the first electronic piano?

The first electronic piano was created by Harold Rhodes, an inventor who died on December 17, 2001 at the age of 89. When Rhodes created this revolutionary piano, it enjoyed great success almost immediately and for this reason it was put to great use at that time. The sound coming from this piano was indispensable to understand the evolution of jazz, funk and pop music.

Fender was one of the great promoters of this instrument. After having listened to its incredible magnetic sound created by its electromagnetic pickups, they did not hesitate a minute to put the invention into circulation. In 1965, CBS bought Fender and Harold Rhodes began working for CBS, where he continued to work on the evolution of the instrument until he created the “73-note Fender Rhodes Suitcase” piano for the company.

Electronic piano vs acoustic piano?

The answer to this question can vary greatly, depending on who you ask. An acoustic piano may be the preferred choice of many people who consider it to be a better instrument because this was the piano with which it all began. The classical piano has a more natural sound and, very probably, of higher quality. It is more oriented to more serious, formal and sophisticated scenarios. Generally, this is usually the preferred option for classical music concerts, operas and so on, while more modern singers may prefer an electronic piano because of the ease with which they can create much more contemporary music. It is also important to mention that it is more difficult to play an acoustic piano than it is to play an electronic piano, so it is common for users to respect a classical piano pianist more than an electronic piano pianist.

However, electronic pianos provide us with many other options that can be useful to us in many circumstances. With this type of piano there is a better chance that we will be able to do everything we have in mind, because although it is still a little complex, it is not as difficult to play as the classic.

For all these reasons, when it comes to answering the question of electronic piano or acoustic piano, we will find one or another solution depending on what we want. If you want to use it for etiquette meetings, the classic one is preferable; but if you want it for parties, the electronic one is much more effective.

What is the best electronic piano for PC?

A good option, for people who do not have space at home or do not have too much money to spend on a piano, is to opt for a virtual piano. Obviously, many pianos of this type have already been created on the Internet, but one of the best virtual pianos and considered by many to be the most stable and efficient of all is Synthesia.

It is an excellent program for all those who want to start playing the piano. In order to use it, it will be enough to download the songs, from there it will be the program that will help us a lot to learn to play it. In Syntehsia is possible to introduce any type of song, so it will not cost us to learn to play the scores that we always wanted to know. In this way we will not have the need to read scores, so anyone can understand what a song should sound like.

Where can I sell my electronic piano?

Today there are many ways to sell your piano, regardless of whether it fits into the classics or the electronics. In some physical shops dedicated to the buying and selling you can easily offer our instruments. However, this type of shops want to buy them at the lowest possible price and then resell them again for a reasonable price. For this reason, their sale in physical stores may not be the best from an economic point of view because the amount they offer us will be much lower than the one marked by the market.

Therefore, the best option is to sell our piano online. The number of pages where we can carry out the sale is very varied, however, it is suggested to opt for a page that is known and enjoys good fame, making it easier to sell in a short time.

One of the first options to consider is eBay. In this page there are multiple buyers of all kinds and it will not be difficult to find someone interested in what we offer, without the need to search for them. But if you want a more personalized approach, PianoMart is an excellent site for this. It is a page specialized in the sale of pianos, so all users who enter the web daily, do so with the clear objective of buying a piano, which is a point in favor of this platform unlike eBay where users who enter are looking for any product.