Electronic music is learned and enjoyed in dj spot


Electronic music is learned and enjoyed in dj spot

Two years after opening dj spot, face the best dilemma of all: it is not easy to describe in one line what they do because they do many things at the same time.

“The idea was to have a place where we could work on our music,” says Israel, though flexible enough to give electronic music production classes to “people who are involved in this DJ thing. Israel used to give classes from home; Machado, for his part, was looking for a place where he could turn up the volume of his speakers.

By chance, they both found a room that they rented at a good price and decided to condition it little by little to transform it into what it is today: a “creative hub”, as Machado describes it, from where they teach electronic music production classes and even maintain their own record label (Worldwide).

Although dj spot could go unnoticed among small shopping malls, businesses of all kinds and departments, Machado and Israel managed to give the space its own identity. Dj spot is located at Luis Elizondo Avenue #420, on a second floor with a terrace decorated with wooden furniture and a kind of green wall where it shows its bright orange logo. The terrace has become a meeting place for the local electronic music scene; inside, aspiring students take production classes in the studio, with their computers and sometimes accompanied by musical instruments.

Machado, who is also known for his project Clothes Off, clarifies that the intention and atmosphere in the dj spot is different from that of a traditional school, because they have the flexibility to mold themselves to what the students want to do as artists.

“The main mission of dj spot is to create a real movement in the electronic music scene in Mexico,” defines Machado. “I think we contribute to exporting emerging talents that bring the desire and motivation to do something.

With that vision, dj spot stands out as a space for training and launching local talent. In addition, it helps that the atmosphere between the DJ community and electronic music enthusiasts is very supportive: they are like a family. Proof of this is that not only have they promoted their own artistic projects, they have also pushed other acts such as Fancy Folks, Soulaced and LUJAVO.

With dj spot, what they want to achieve is to give direction to artistic projects, even beyond the musical, because it is necessary to know how to handle marketing to know laws and copyright, so they can really launch their projects with firm steps.

Being in the DistritoTec, very close to Tecnol√≥gico de Monterrey, is an advantage for them, as many of their former students study and live in the area. Machado believes that the DistritoTec, being an area with a university presence, has an important flow of people who are part of a generation with the “chip to do new things,” but he recognizes that it takes a long time to have a culture that supports its local artists.

That chip is somehow related to the idea and philosophy of DistritoTec: a place to live the greatest ideas of innovation, research, entrepreneurship and culture. To this end, the initiative counts on the DistritoTec Public Art Program to link local, national and international talents, offering them spaces and forums for cultural diffusion. Everything is connected when through the streets of the district you can enjoy murals, events and even performance that enrich the experience of being, living and visiting the district.

With dj spot, Machado and Israel want to leave a clear message of professionalism and great aspirations. Although there are still those who “do less to the artists here,” talents like Machado and Israel want to change that perception: “know that there are also people here who are taking it seriously and want to reach the world.

With the diversity of projects they push and the connections they have woven into the scene, en dj spot is in a position to give space to the local talent who is passionate about electronic music. In short, they want to unite and enlarge the movement.

dj spot will host the next edition of Godinner. Meet and support the new music scene in the district!