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Hello, everybody! www.llcoolj.org was born with the aim of promoting the enjoyment of music on the Internet beyond what has become customary by the media that move in this area.

We want to unite the most important blogs in the music scene in the same direction, a direction that drives a change: from traditional magazines and media to a new environment in which you yourselves can choose the information that interests you regardless of the genre to which it belongs.

Songs has been progressing since its creation. This advancement of music has led to a substantial range of music that all people can delight in. Artists who make good songs, are applauded and also admired for their abilities, and lately this has resulted in lots of aspiring musicians who intend to acquire fame as well as fortune with their music.

In the USA music in regularly developing, and also in the last few years this advancement of music has actually quickened to an extremely rapid rate. Songs has developed for lots of factors consisting of, boosted innovation, and change in society, and also a desire to produce something new.

Mainly transform in songs has actually been connected to the culture. During the Center Ages songs everyday songs lay in two places, the church as well as the tavern. This was not an excellent environment completely music to flower. Nevertheless during the Baroque duration, 1600-1750, wealthy people began to work with musicians to compose music for them. These clients would certainly pay the musicians to make up as well as play music for the patrons enjoyment, and also for entertainment at his or her celebrations. Songs did not change significantly in Europe for a long time. In America songs was started to advance in its own means.

This new nation had a culture of its own and this was reflected in its music as well as dance. One of the main styles of music came from Detroit, and also it is called huge band. It is called big band, due to the fact that a large band was used to create stylish, catchy tunes. This style of music quickly came to be popular in Europe as well as America in the 1920s. Large band songs was really favorable for America as a way of enjoyment and enjoyment.

At www.llcoolj.org we will bring together leading blogs in all areas covered by the world of music so that everyone can find here what you really like: from pages dedicated to different musical genres to others specializing in more specific topics: concert chronicles, reviews, video clips, interviews and much more. We will also give advice on which singers to listen to, which music is best for studying, meditating, etc.

We hope you like it! Enjoy it!