Year: 2018


Electronic music is learned and enjoyed in dj spot

Two years after opening dj spot, face the best dilemma of all: it is not easy to describe in one line what they do because they do many things at the same time. "The idea was to have a place where…
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How to write a song?

This section (about ten printed pages) is dedicated to writing a song. This approach has no pretensions: it just allows you to put forward some ideas and advice that will help you (perhaps not all)…
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Performing Arts

Training the great voices of tomorrow

In preparation for the Rallye des Arts, the team of the Brigade Arts Affaires de MontrĂ©al (BAAM) met with the institutions that will take part in this event. Since when has the Atelier lyrique de…
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Musical Theatre

New musicals in Madrid

Madrid is the great capital of Spanish-language musicals. The season begins and new shows flood the billboard. Some are absolute premieres that come to coexist with proposals that are already one…
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How to give private music lessons and earn money?

Being a teacher means providing your skills to help someone who intends to learn something. The demand for private repetitions is increasing and, given the particular economic moment in which Italy…
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